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Lavender 100% Essential Oil


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If there is any therapeutic plant that does not need any introduction, that plant is lavender the source of lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil is arguably the most prolific essential oil in existence. If you just need to get one essential oil, then, that essential oil should be lavender essential oil. This essential oil is famous for its relaxing effect and was first discovered about 2500 years ago.

Although lavender now has lots of therapeutic uses, it used to be used by the ancient Egyptians for mummification and also as a perfume. The smell of lavender is so long lasting that it could be smelt when the tomb of King Tut was open about 3,000 years after he was buried.

Lavender is used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. It is used in the treatment of digestive system diseases and rheumatism. Also, as a cosmetic, it was made used of by the ancient Romans is the purification of the air, in cooking, and in bathing. In modern times, lavender essential oil is used in the reduction of anxiety and improving the function of the brain. This is in addition to its fiction in aiding individuals that have difficulties sleeping.

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