Cedarwood Essential Oil


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Cedarwood essential oil is an essential oil which is derived from the cedar tree. It contains lots of constituents. However, of its many ingredients, the major and active ones are widddrol, cedrol, beta-cedreen, alpha-cedreen. Cedarwood oil is sweet scent. Nevertheless, beyond being a sweet scent oil, it also has amazing medicinal properties.

Cedarwood oil is characterized by a woodsy, balsamic aroma which is  delightful and can be used to keep your house smelling sweet throughout the day. Cedarwood  oil works perfectly when used alone, it can be combined  with other oils. It pairs wonderfully with  cinnamon, bergamot, jasmine , lemon, lime, rise, neroli, rosemary, juniper, and benzoin cypress.

Cedarwood oil is known for its many uses and health related benefits. It is believed cedarwood essential oil is one of the first essential oils to be distilled. According to ancient records, cedarwood essential oil is also important to the cosmetic industry and also has an important place in medicine. For many years, cedarwood essential oil has been made use of in treating severe medical conditions such as cancers and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as not very serious ailments such as coughs, hiccups, headaches, colds, etc.

Cedarwood oil has antiseptic as well as pain killing properties

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