Tea Tree AAA Australian 100% Essential Oil


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Tea tree essential oil is an oil that is obtained from Melaleuca alternifolia leaves. It is indigenous to Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. In as much as Melaleuca alternifolia is generally known as tea tree, it should not be mistaken for other plants which produce leaves for green, black, and oolong tea.

The use of tea tree oil might be relatively new to a lot of people, that notwithstanding, it has always been made use of by the Aborigines as a traditional medicine. It is usually crushed by the aborigines and its oil extracted. Once extracted, the oil can be inhaled and made use of in the treatment of cold and cough.

Tea tree oil is popular for its therapeutic use. Nevertheless, it can be used for lots of other purposes. Some of them are keeping the nails, hair, and skin perfectly healthy. Tea tree essential oil is indeed very beneficial. In addition to it being very beneficial, it is also very affordable and very safe when used properly.

Tea tree oil contains quite a number of compounds. However, of all these compounds, terpinen-4- stands out. It is active in killing bacteria, fungi, and virus. In addition to being active in killing microorganisms, it also brings about an increase in the activities of white blood cells. As a result of the ability of tea tree oil in fighting germs, it is made use of in the prevention of infections.

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