Citral Essential Oil


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Famous for its antiseptic and invigorating features, citral essential oil is an oil that has a whole lot of functions. It can be used as an antidepressant and also for toning the nervous system.  Citral essential oil is obtained from an aromatic, rapidly growing perennial grass which is known as Cymbopogon citratus. Although similar to lemon grass oil, there is a major difference between citral essential oil and Lemongrass essential oil. This difference is in their source. Unlike citral essential oil which has its source as Cymbopogon citratus, lemongrass essential oil has Cymbopogon flexusos as its source.

Citral essential oil is a light- yellow oil which originated from China and is obtained by steam distillation. It has a strong aromatic scent which is herbaceous and lemony. This essential oil possesses a balanced tonality. This, therefore, makes it an ideal essential oil for use in lotions and soaps.

Citral essential oil might be really sweet smelling and perfect for use in lotions and soaps, it, however, has quite a number of draw backs. It can not be made use of by children, individuals with glaucoma, individuals with damaged skin. Its use is also contraindicated during pregnancy, as well as by people with prostatic hyperplasia.

At the moment, there are no indications of the negative effect of citral essential oil when made use of on the skin. However, when made use of by pregnant women orally, it could negatively affect the growth of the fetus.

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